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Aces Hangout

Merritt Decloux March 26, 2012 Aces Q&A

How do I contact Aces Support?

Along the righthand side of the table, click the “Support” button, fill in your details, and then send it when you’re satisfied. If you’re looking for the answer to a question you think might have already been requested, right a few keywords in the knowledge base search box. If it’ has been answered already, it’ll show you possible options.

I played a game of Aces with random players, but would now like to add them in to my G+ Circles. How do I do that?
Clicking on a players name below their webcam will take you to their G+ profile. Once there, add them to your circle of choice.

Merritt Decloux March 26, 2012 Aces Q&A

A player keeps harassing me (flashing their “junk” at me). Can I block them?
Yes. Hover your mouse over their webcam and you have the option to block or mute a player immediately.

When I “Sit Out”, how long do I have before I’m ejected from the table?
If you’ve popped into your kitchen to make a coffee, be quick! After 5 missed hands you shall be removed from the poker table!

How do I remove someone from the table (due to their disconnection)?
Once a player has had the “Time” action against them, if they don’t return to the action within five hands, they’ll be removed.

Merritt Decloux March 26, 2012 Aces Q&A

I have a slow connection, how can I improve my Aces Hangout experience?

Click on the settings icon on the top right of your hangout. In the popup you should have an option choose from either slow connection or fast connection. Select slow connection and this should enhance your experience.

My Augmented Reality elements do not always show why is that?
Please make sure you have install Google's latest gtalk plugin. Currently, that’s version 2.8.5 6620.

I’m using Opera for Aces Hangout and only see a small strip of the game. Why is this?
This is because Opera is not officially supported by Google hangouts.

What browsers can I use for Aces Hangouts?
Currently the supported browsers include: Google Chrome 10+, Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) 8+, Mozilla Firefox 3+, and Safari 4+.

I'm on a pretty old computer and it feels the game is really slow. Is there anything I can do?
Hangouts in general are pretty demanding of your computer. Please see the minimal requirements for hangouts here.

I have started a game with $500 buy-in with $5/$10 Small/Big blinds, but I want to change that?
Simple. Close the game you’ve just created and make a newer one to suit your wishes.

I keep disconnecting, is there anything I can do?
If you think it’s your internet connection, check with your Internet Service Provider (ISP), as they’ll be able to help test your connection. If you think it’s the hangout, check your Gtalk plugin to make sure you’re running the latest version. This is shown in “settings” on the top right of the hangout.

I bought some Aces dollars, but they’re not showing in my Aces Wallet. Where are they?
Check your Google wallet to make sure the purchase was successful. If it was, contact our Support and we’ll investigate!

What’s the minimum specifications my computer needs to run Aces Hangouts?
You can find the system requirements for hangouts here

When I play at the table, my webcam shows me as a black screen. Do I need to change my settings?
On the top right of the hangout you’ll see a webcam icon. Click it, and visual magic will happen!

When I play at the table, I can’t hear anyone talking. Do I need to change my settings?
On the top right of the hangout you’ll see a microphone icon. Click it, and be stimulated by sound!

Merritt Decloux March 26, 2012 Aces Q&A


How do I start a game?
Choose your blind level and the minimum buy-in, then click “Create this game”. Then pick your seat at the table.

How do I invite my friends? Can I make the table private?
Aces Hangout revolves around the actual hangout, and that hangout is used to define the privacy settings. To invite your friends, simply add them to the hangout when you’re creating it. If you want to meet new people, specify you want the hangout public, and any player from any location can join your game. Once you’ve created your game, you can also just share the hangout link with whoever you choose, and when they click it, they’ll join your table!

Can I play more than one table at a time?
No. Currently, you can only be in one hangout, so therefore, only one table at a time is possible.

How and when do I get more chips?
If you’ve had a bad run and lost all your chips, You can buy them in the Aces Hangout Store. Alternatively, every week your account will be topped up fresh with $1,000.

How can I purchase Aces dollars?
Just to the left of the table, click the “Store” icon, and choose the option best for you.

Can I give chips to a friend of mine?
No. We know sharing is caring, but it’s not possible to send chips to a friend...just yet.

A friend of mine had a Pirates Eye Patch, how do I get one?
Click on the “Store” icon and choose your new look! You can’t wear all the items at the same time, so choose wisely.